Providing Expert Technical Support Services

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IT support technicians offer technical support and assistance to either consumers or businesses who are experiencing computer, hardware, or network issues. Some common issues are a slow speed, difficulty in connecting to the Internet, or an inability to connect to data. IT support technicians can address most consumer concerns over the phone or via e-mail, but sometimes certain issues require to be handled on site, particularly if the computer system and hardware require to be repaired. Here are some common things IT support technicians address.

Computer Backups: Backup solutions involve taking a backup of an individual computer or an entire system. In many cases, IT support technicians will also include backup software in the price of the service plan to further ensure easy and consistent backup of important data. In other cases, the backup solution includes a built-in scheduling mechanism which enables IT personnel to run a backup event automatically at a pre-set time or date. In both cases, IT support technicians typically perform a two tier process. The first tier is to backup the data using normal procedures, followed by a secondary backup.

Network Investigations: Investigations involve investigations of a network’s integrity, accessibility, security, functionality, and other characteristics. An example of a network investigation could involve detecting hackers in a network. IT support personnel test systems for security vulnerabilities, gather reports, and perform remediation efforts. This level of support may also include implementing patches, or upgrades to prevent vulnerabilities or make them less accessible.

Different Tiers and Titles in IT Support

Computer Repair: When a computer system goes down for whatever reason, most companies find it in the best interest to call a computer repair service as soon as possible. The most common reason for this is when the problem affects the most critical component of the company’s data or financial information. A computer repair technician can diagnose the problem, determine what needs to be done, and suggest ways to resolve the issue. Technicians who work in the computer repair department are also skilled at performing other computer repair tasks.

Tier One IT Support: Technicians at tier one IT support positions are qualified professionals who are employed on contract by a specific company. They have been specifically trained to handle new technologies and software, as well as hardware repairs. Computer repair technicians at this level are employed by businesses that do not require onsite staff, but still need a system to function properly.

IT Tech Support: This is the third level of IT tech support, which has been created to help smaller companies maintain the efficiency of their business processes without having to employ full-time IT technicians. In general, an IT technician at this level handles questions concerning hardware issues, such as repairing a laptop. They may also be called upon to assist with application issues, such as fixing a slow running program. More commonly, IT technicians at this level specialize in managed services, which means they provide support either onsite or offsite. In some cases, they will be responsible for answering customer phone calls and emails.

Becoming An Expert IT Specialists

Intermediate Level IT Support: IT technical support services at this level are usually offered by larger companies that may need to hire additional staff to deal with their customers’ issues more efficiently. An IT technical support specialist at this level is often able to perform tasks such as installing new software, upgrading equipment, and resolving hardware problems. At times, they may also be called upon to implement a software upgrade for their company’s database. Many times, companies may need to run a special version of the Windows operating system. Others may need assistance with networks and hardware upgrades.

Certified Technical Support: At the fourth level of IT technical support, certified technicians provide technical support on a specific product. To become certified, an individual must demonstrate that he or she has a particular knowledge base related to the product. This means that many times customers seeking IT technical support will not have access to a particular product. Instead, they will need to contact a technician who has the proper knowledge to help them troubleshoot the problem. There are some companies, such as Microsoft, that do not allow customers to try to repair their computers themselves, unless they can prove their knowledge of the product.